See how VelociWrapper® can Save You Money.

We Invented VelociWrapper® to help TriPlexing be cheaper, faster & easier.
VelociWrapper can save on materials, labor and time when compared to the tradional method of triplexing with zip-ties, and the result is a tighter, more consistent triplexed bundle.
Triplexing doesn't have to be so
difficult, expensive, or time consuming!
VelociWrapper® Savings

The savings will not end once the cable is in the ground. The more consistent triplexing provides a better power transmission efficiency over the service life of the cable.

We estimate that the VelociWrapper® will pay for itself in only 200,000 trench feet of cable installed and will continue to save you time and money for years afterwards.

Companies can literally save millions of dollars in just a few years by using VelociWrappers, and the end users, engineers, and inspectors will like the end product better too!