The Machine

The Machine.

The VelociWrapper® 312 is a self-propelled cable wrapping machine engineered to wrap MV cable in a triplex bundle using twine, for burial in a trench primarily for wind farms and solar farms. It requires no power source, only harnessing the energy of pulling the cable through the machine to rotate a carriage holding the twine supply, tensioners, and rollers that in turn spiral-wrap the cable with 3 strands of VelociWrap, making a consistent bundle that stays tight and uniform even after handling.

The Idea.

The VelociWrapper® idea came when a couple of guys with a lot of wind farm and solar farm experience, as well as equipment design experience, came together to figure out a better, cheaper, and faster way to triplex and bundle cable. Our original prototype is still working in the field every day at full production with no problems, proving the simplicity and effectiveness of the design.


We’ve partnered with a manufacturer to supply wrapping cord that works best with our machine. We are now exclusively distributing the largest roll of wrapping cord available that meets the strength requirements needed for triplexing.